Modern Sports Group is a company that is built on leveraging today's technology and trends to help our clients position themselves in even the most competitive landscapes.


MSG is driven to create unique earning opportunities that fall within your current mission and using your current assets.  We have products that will revamp, and energize, your marketing and programming initiatives to capture more of your existing audience while at the same time extending your footprint across all the major industry mediums.

Whether you are looking for athletic representation, an event management platform that sits on your website, or if you are looking for web development of existing programs to gear more towards the social media driven consumers of today's generation, we have the solution you are looking for.  We even have a patent-pending reseasrch product that is specifically built to help athletic departments identify current assets and aggregate them like never before offered... anywhere!


In today's dynamic and fast paced environment, email is the quickest way to penetrate our communication obligations.  We will read your email within minutes of you submitting it and will work on a solution that we can provide you. 



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A 2002 graduate of Texas Christian University with a degree in Entrepreneurial Management, John started his post graduate career with Cintas Corp. and is currently the Owner and President of Ranch View Resources, LLC. 

With Cintas, John developed strong foundations ranging from corporate management to customer service.  Having built, and grown, Ranch View Resources, an asset management company primarily focused in Oil & Gas, from the ground up, John is very experienced in scalable models of business. He is excited to represent the overall brand of MSG and leverage those relationships to continue its unprecedented trajectory.  Serving as the primary contact for new sales and development, John will be entrenched with each client as they get acquainted with our suite of products and learn how to maximize each in their organizations.


Wally Crittenden | founder - chief technology officer

Wally graduated from Florida International University in 2003 with a degree in Sports Management and went on to get his Master's in Higher Education Administration from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, graduating in 2010. 

From FIU to his current post at Stephen F. Austin State University, Wally made coaching stops at the University of Oklahoma-Norman, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Texas A&M University, and currently resides in Nacogdoches as the Head Soccer Coach at SFA.  Wally is well versed in what youth organizations need, and want, in their brand management and social media experiences.

As an academic, Wally began building out the principles for the Athletic Research Module in 2006.  This culminated in a launch of the Ultimate Athlete Lab anchored at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and earned the 2012 Young Alumni Award for this significant achievement.   


ANDREW M. VALENSON - JD | Legal Consultant