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|| The discreet solution you have been looking for to help you advance your career.

You are at the top of your profession and now the time has come for you to take that next step and lead a different organization to a higher level.  Your two options are:

1)  To reach out for yourself;

2)  Ask trusted colleagues to make calls for you and hope it gets done.


|| For years, these have been the primary industry options for advancement...until now. 

As you look for advancement, let MSG highlight the great leader you are and make the pitch you hope others are making.  With our simple pricing terms, MSG will be ready to reach out to potential employers and advocate your skill set with the discretion that top industry professionals desire. 

The time has come for you to have the peace of mind you have earned as you push to achieve the next level.  You have earned the right to move upward, now let MSG help position you with the people that matter the most.


1)  Apply to be accepted into the MSG Representation Program.  We have imposed a cap, per administrative function and per sport, to make sure we are representing our clients to the best of our ability.  If you do not see your sport or position function listed, then that cap has been met and please follow up with us via our Contact Page for more information.

2)  Once accepted and terms are contracted, we will build out your profile to keep on record.

3)  Once you find a job you are interested in, you simply apply online as you normally would for the position.  Then, you let your MSG representative know of your interest and that you have formally applied.

From there, MSG contacts, and communicates, your experience to motivate your prospective employer to research you further.  

Once you land that job, MSG's legal counsel will then review your terms and make recommendations to help you get the best offer you can get.  All of this is included in MSG's standard package.